Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Small Business Health Insurance Plans

How can Electrical Contractors Insurance programs change beginning in 2010? President Obama’s Affordable Care Act is about helping assure their workers. While almost 99 percent of big companies provide benefits to their workers, not even half of all little businesses do. The action hopes to change this.

Here are some ways the maintenance act aims to assist Modest businesses:

-Small businesses with over 10 workers can be eligible for a tax credit to help cover their health programs. Larger companies might be eligible for a part of the tax credit.

-The smallest businesses can get around 35 percent of the contribution to premiums back in tax credits. Tax-exempt companies can return 25 percent.

-From 2014, little business also have the choice of linking insurance pools in their country to assist share and reduce the costs of insuring workers.

-Insurers can no more place prices or exclude coverage according to preexisting ailments. The same is true for kids if you’re looking to purchasing a family medical insurance program.

-There could no more be lifetime limits on coverage.

-Beginning in 2014, companies with over 50 workers MUST provide insurance for all their employees or pay a hefty fine. These penalties may cost $750 per uninsured worker or more.

For the time being, if you’re a small business owner (or an employee), you may take action to receive your employees insured sooner instead of later. Don’t wait till you’re off from the cut off date of 2014.

These measures include finding out in the event that you are eligible for tax credits, exploring whether your state provides additional subsidies for smaller businesses, and compare small company plans from several significant carriers to find out what your health prices look like.


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