The Best Way To Configure A Tenda Router

The Best Way To Configure A Tenda Router

The guide intends for describing the process of configuring a Tenda router. The directions have been complied in an easy and simple to know manner. Nevertheless, it’s now advised that users follow as well as implement these instructions as they’re. Doing this will protect them from running into issues and consequently giving you a call up Tenda router help for assistance.

Do you need help configuring your Tenda router? Properly, you might desire to Tenda router for wireless connection, firewall, DSL connection, or maybe as an access point or even switch etc. Although it’s less difficult to do the wireless router configuration than every other undertaking, you might nevertheless face issues while doing so. Don’t care! The below mentioned manual is going to help you do the configuration procedure on your to promote, therefore sidelining the demand of contacting

Instructions For DSL Connection:

First guarantee you’ve an energetic online connection, a valid password and username for any DSL account, and also the email address and password out of your internet service provider (ISP). Also guarantee that the web works once you get a wired link of your pc on the DSL modem.

When done checking, disconnect all of the equipment including computer linked to your Tenda router and also hard reset it with a strong, thin pin. Put in the pin into the Reset hole (will be placed the rear on the router), press it and keep it for 7 10 seconds. The lighting is going to flicker just once, rebuilding the wireless router to default settings. It should be mentioned that your configured configurations is forfeited after resetting the router.

Hang on for the router to switch on (the power light must be steady green). Connect your DSL modem to the router’s internet port (located at the back). Now reconnect the PC of yours to the four LAN ports of the wireless router. When hooked up correctly, the corresponding bulbs on the wireless router will light up.


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